• Radiant residential railing. Commercial compliance.
  • Protect your home or business with elegance and quality.
  • Sophisticated, seamless security for your residential or commercial project.

ULTRALOX®railing with Interlocking Technology is engineered to meet or exceed all commercial, multi-story high-rise, and residential building codes. Our engineers are constantly testing and developing stronger, and more efficient railing systems. Our railing systems are powder coated before assembly, making them tough enough to take on the harshest weather conditions.



ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING®TECHNOLOGY is committed to providing the highest quality aluminum railing for contractors, builders, and architects. Our beautiful & durable railings are available throughout North America from our extensive network of certified dealers. We proudly assemble all of our products in the USA.

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Railings made with ULTRALOX® patented Interlocking Technology is delivered to you directly from the dealer. Our aluminum railings come made to your exact specifications and are built on-site for reduced assembly times. Our railings are pre-powder-coated for increased durability that can stand up even to harsh Midwest winters or heaviest Southern heatwaves.

ULTRALOX Interlocking® Technology is a patented aluminum railing system that offers you locally-made railing tailored specifically to your needs. Our Interlocking Technology uses a press brake to join balusters and channels for a consistent and durable product. Save money on bad cuts, damaged parts, and wasted time and materials as our products are made in-house at a dealer near you.

ULTRALOX® products are locally available, putting control of supply near the project site. While other railing systems have a lead time of 3-8 weeks, railings assembled using Interlocking Technology have a turnaround time of just 24-48 hours.

Our partners assemble ULTRALOX®railing on-site in Illinois right at your local dealer. Our railing isn’t shipped from out of state or overseas; it’s given directly to you by the person that makes it. It’s always in stock and ready when you need it. Cut down on lead-times and middle-men by working with a dealer close to your project site.

You stand to save a lot with ULTRALOX®  aluminum railing, and you won’t have to sacrifice quality or durability. Reduction on lead times with locally sourced and manufactured materials. The rapid turnaround available with Interlocking Technology lets you replace damaged or mismeasured parts without having to remove an entire section. Stop bouncing back and forth between fabricators and contractors that can rack up costly travel expenses. Finally, get all the benefits of long-lasting, high-quality aluminum that will reduce maintenance costs and that will last for decades.

ULTRALOX® railing conforms to ICC and IBC standards. Our railings are safety tested to ensure a product that meets the highest expectations. We engineered our all-weather, non-corrosive railings for all residential and commercial applications. For more information, speak with your Lumberock representative.


In this process a brake press is used to join balusters and channels. This new interlocking process results in a consistent and durable product which maximizes many of the advantages of other manufacturing methods, while minimizing the disadvantages.

Commercial Aluminum Railing

Take control of your project at the local level with ULTRALOX® aluminum railing available at Lumberock. ULTRALOX Interlocking® Technology provides durable, corrosion-resistant railing engineered for quality, elegance, and safety. Our weld and fastener-free assembly adds a seamless flourish to any interior or exterior design. ULTRALOX® railings will earn you points toward LEED certification thanks to our recyclable material that is manufactured and supplied locally. Cut your lead times down to days, instead of weeks, with a dealer that’s close to your project site. ULTRALOX® and Lumberock stand behind all of our products with an extensive 20-year warranty.

Residential Aluminum Railing

ULTRALOX® residential aluminum railing featuring Interlocking Technology is worry-free. Our line of products provide your home with a sleek and elegant look, that is free of unsightly welds and fasteners. The premium paint coating looks great and adds durability. Rest comfortably knowing your family is safe with our tamper-proof design. Ultralox® railings are corrosion-resistant, free of volatile compounds, and will give your home a beautiful modern look. Ultralox® stands behind our railings with an extensive 20-year warranty.

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High-quality aluminum railing and architectural products


  • Individual Powder Coated Components: AAMA 2604 powder is applied to the individual railing components by a certified architectural powder coating applicator. This ensures consistent quality and a durable finish.
  • Local availability: This unique method of fabrication puts the control of supply at the local level, near the commercial project site.
  • Quick turnaround: Upon measurement of project site, materials can be fabricated and installed within days vs. weeks. This provides the ability to accommodate change orders or site changes on the same day if needed.
  • Replaceable parts: If the railing is damaged, it can be replaced quickly by a local interlocking machine owner.
  • ICC-ES AC273 Approved: Railing manufactured by the interlocking process is tested for quality and consistency. More details on this testing will be provided later in this course.
  • Consistent machine assembly: Since the railings are assembled by interlocking machine, the quality of each assembly is consistent.

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